Agricultural machinery to harvest fruit


A company that believes in innovation

Mar-tech is a company specialised in the design, manufacturing and marketing of fruit harvesting machines. From its foundation up until today, its production has constantly evolved over the years, improving materials and construction techniques with the quality of a product always in step with the times. Our philosophy has always been to build reliable, durable and technologically advanced machinery, and all these qualities have always been reflected in our machines. Thanks to the experience gained over the years by the constituent members, today Mar-tech positions itself on the market with innovative products, as well as with an exclusive patent that ensures easier harvesting.

Our philosophy

La Customer satisfaction is our main goal and it is precisely with this in mind that we develop projects and optimal solutions capable of achieving.

We work around your requests

Agricultural fruit harvesting machines are our core business and flagship of our product portfolio: simple and independent, of different sizes, designed around the specific requests of the customer. All the processing stages, from design to the final testing are entirely managed by our technicians. This is why we can ensure very flexible production management, as we always have everything under direct control.

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The Benefits of choosing us

Our machines can be used, without distinction, for all the harvesting and maintenance work in the orchard.

A comprehensive range

Our product range includes self-propelled harvesting carriages and towed carriages. Self-propelled machines can be fitted and powered in different ways according to the needs, habits and preferences of the operators. The types of fruit-harvesting carriages we make vary in terms of size and technical characteristics and each one adapts to the needs of the sales area.

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