A comprehensive and versatile range


For any kind of orchard

Our self-propelled fruit harvesting carriages can be used by farmers who produce fruit in high or low espalier rows (for example apples, pears, peaches, plums, apricots, kiwis, etc.). The various models we produce can be easily adapted to any crop and any type of terrain (either flat or sloping), according to the individual harvesting needs and habits of each user.

Maximum versatility of use

Our machines can be used, without distinction, for all the harvesting and maintenance work in the orchard. Although they were created to speed up fruit harvesting and make it easier – in bins or in single boxes – they are suitable to carry out all the other maintenance work in the orchard, such as pruning and thinning. They turn into convenient and essential mobile or elevating platforms or footboards when hail net guards are required.





The strong suits of our machines


Our machines are designed for any kind of terrain, even the most challenging ones. The different longitudinal and lateral inclination and the self-levelling device electronically operated by hydraulic controls ensure safe operation at all times. The large tyres ensure excellent driving performance on any substrate.


As our machines always keep the working surface in a horizontal position, they also allow you to save time, with lower labour costs. The various models we make also feature: four-wheel drive and independent steering.


Thanks to the extremely low centre of gravity, the side guards and various technical features, our machines always guarantee maximum safety of use, protecting you and your employees from the risk of accidents.


Our machines make work considerably easier. The wide, visible and simple control console ensures maximum driving comfort and the machine can always be manoeuvred directly. The presence of push-button control panels directly on the protruding areas makes the smaller manoeuvre easy and within everyone’s reach. The large display on the control unit allows you to view all the information you need.

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